M. Sc. Sahana Sheshachala joined our group as a research assistant and has now started her PhD with Prof. Dr. Christof Niemeyer at the Institut for Biological Interfaces 1 at the KIT. All the best for your future!

Sahana Photo










After one year of research intership with us, Dipl. Chem. Matthias Schuster has now become a Teacher for Chemistry and Physics. Good luck for your future and thanks for your hard and productive work with us.

Dipl-Chem. Mathias Schuster - PhD student












M. Sc. Philipp Avon joined the group of Michael Hirtz at INT as a PhD candidate, where he will develop printed sensor arrays in collaboration with us, extending on the promising results of his Master thesis.













B. Sc. Johannes Wenz joined us for a 6-weeks internship and did good work supporting the groups efforts.

B. Sc. Joana Krämer joined us for a 6-weeks internship and worked under guidance of Laura on the development of a new molecular chemosensor.